Employee Engagement

Final €103k Presentation Sept 2014 Final €103k Presentation Sept 2014

Recent research shows how 'engaged employees' contribute to business success where companies with higher levels of employee engagement achieved significant increases in productivity and better financial performance.


Employee Engagement initiatives such as the Kavanagh Groups 'Help Us to Help Others' which has raised a total of over €270k for the Hospice and other charities over the past few years demonstrates how working together can benefit everyone. Employees develop a greater sense of commitment through teamwork, a positive working environment and goodwill towards a worthy cause. The business benefits from greater staff loyalty, increased productivity and good PR in the community and of course the relevant charity or local community benefits from the much needed funds.

Staff of the Kavanagh Group celebrated a huge feat recently with a presentation of a cheque for €103,156 to the Mayo Roscommon Hospice as part of the Help Us to Help Others campaign. These funds, to purchase the site for the Hospice Care Unit were collected following the tireless efforts of the management, staff and communities of Kavanaghs Super Valu Mayo through a series of energy fuelled activities and fundraisers including headline events; HopUp4Hospice - an 50km and 100km Cycle, The Cube for Hospice – a live audience version of the popular ITV Game show and Memorial Walks.
Speaking on the night of the presentation Noel Kavanagh, Managing Director of Kavanagh's Super Valu, said he credited the communities for their contributions to the fundraising. 'Without their generosity we would not be here today handing over a cheque for over €100k for the site for the Hospice Care Unit.' He said 'It's astonishing in hard times what can be achieved. The fact that these funds stay in our county to provide what will be a wonderful new facility for the care of cancer patients is a very proud moment for all involved.'
Cynthia Clampett of Mayo Roscommon Hospice said 'how grateful to the Management and Staff they are and so aware of the time and effort everyone put into reaching this tremendous goal of which will buy the site which we can build the Hospice Care Facility. Cynthia said she looks forward to bringing all of the Kavanagh Group staff on a tour of the facility when it is finished.
Not new to the fundraising scene, the team in Kavanagh Group Headquarters knew the task ahead and so undertook the massive effort to raise 100k in April of last year. A clear plan of how to raise the funds was devised. Noreen Coyne HR Consultant, People Matters along with input from Management and staff of the four stores played integral roles in the foundation and success of the 'Help Us to Help Others' campaign . Over the past 3 years Kavanagh Group Staff have raised over €270k for Hospice across the West and North West.
Noel Kavanagh, Managing Director of the Kavanagh Group, complimented the true sense of team spirit behind the whole campaign with Cake Sales, Spinathons, Sky Dives, Zumbathons, Quiz Nights and much more happening during the course of the last year. Noel commented 'You name it, they did it! The target was set at €100,000 and the team were focused at reaching and exceed that goal.' Noel commended the employees for their 'innovative and enthused approach to reaching what was a big ask by anyone's standards.' 

Kavanagh Group - Press Release - Oct 2014

According to a Hays study, when employees are engaged, they are less likely to leave, are more proactive and will earn the company more money. How can a small business owner encourage his employees to become more engaged in the company? Consider other drivers of engagement:

A sense of value
Employees who feel valued tend to be fully engaged in a company’s goals and help achieve big milestones. Managers and Supervisors have the ability to create this sense of value, which can lead to confidence, empowerment, enthusiasm and inspiration. Review how your employees are supervised. Are they trusted to do their jobs without constant monitoring? Do they ask for help only when needed? When requested, do they receive the assistance needed? Finally, do employees feel their managers and supervisors are being honest when presenting information or answering questions?

Continued training
Investing in employee training develops a bond between the employee and the business. Additional training shows the employee there’s room to grow in the company, and that the business values his or her expertise. Plus, the company benefits by having employees learning the latest information in the industry

Improved communication
Employers need to make efforts in communicating business information. Consider holding a weekly progress report meeting or developing a newsletter. Involve employees in meetings discussing the future of the company, and give everyone tasks to help achieve the goals that are decided upon. This allows employees to feel they’re taking an ownership in the company, which will lead to them becoming more engaged.

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