Conflict Resolution

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Mediation is a process in which an independent trained Mediator assists two or more disputing parties in resolving their dispute in a collaborative manner. Mediation is a highly effective way of resolving even the most complex disputes when both parties agree that they are willing to seek a solution. A trained qualified mediator assists the parties through a process which fosters resolution by negotiation rather than confrontation in a safe, voluntary and respectful way.

The benefits of mediation include:

  • Versatility: - can be applied to virtually any situation where two or more parties have differences they cannot resolve themselves.
  • Simplicity:- can dissect complex, multifaceted disputes to smaller issues which can be resolved.
  • Timely:-  disputes can be resolved so much quicker than lengthy legal proceedings.
  • Ownership:- the parties own the solution, therefore there is a much greater long term commitment to the agreement.
  • Cost effective:- mediation potentially eliminates expensive legal costs.

The structure of the mediation process will vary depending on the type of dispute. Generally, an agreement to Mediate will be signed at the outset and the mediator will then meet with the parties together and / or separately, over the course of one day or in sessions over a number of days or weeks. If agreement is reached this will be recorded and signed at the mediation, and further steps which may be required to make the agreement legally enforceable may follow. Mediation is not however a substitute for legal advice - that's what solicitors are for, nor is it a way of receiving counselling - that’s what counsellors and psychologists are for.

Noreen Coyne is a qualified Mediator with The Mediators Institute of Ireland and has developed communication and facilitation skills through years of HR and coaching experience which assist parties in a dispute toward conciliation, negotiation and agreement. Varied communication techniques are used to instigate or improve dialogue and empathy between the parties in a safe, confidential and inspirational environment which gives the parties the best possible opportunity to resolve their dispute.

All qualified Mediators with the MII are:-

  • highly trained, skilled professionals subject to the rigorous MII Code of ethics and standards.
  • non-judgmental and non-directive - reserving opinions on parties’ actions or positions.
  • trained in a variety of conflict resolution techniques & de-escalating conflicts to agreements.
  • expertly trained facilitators who encourage the parties through the Mediation process.

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